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Bodine Balasco California

Bodine Balasco has established himself as one of the country's most knowledgeable business speakers, known for his combination of valuable content, interactive style, uplifting energy, and humorous storytelling. He is academically trained in public speaking and human behavior with degrees from UCLA in Speech Communications & Social Psychology.

While attending UCLA as a scholarship athlete, Bodine also earned honors as a team captain and stadium record holder. Shortly after graduating, Bodine became fascinated with the art of sleight-of-hand magic. Six months later he was making his entire living as a sleight-of-hand magician, and he spent the next decade becoming one of the most successful sleight-of-hand entertainers in America, winning awards from his peers in the process. Even back then, his friends remarked about his ability to create extraordinary results in his work and in his life.

But it wasn't until he was invited to create and deliver his first keynote speech at a business conference, 17 years ago, that he "came back to his formal training" in communications and psychology, and found his true calling in life. He received a standing ovation after that first business speech, and he's been at it ever since.

Bodine's path is that of a researcher and passionate communicator, who loves sharing wisdom and strategies that can make a difference for people and work teams. And he's always updating his awareness. At the recent Expo for the California Association of Realtors, Bodine was invited to deliver the luncheon keynote speech on using technology to create business success in challenging times. Betty Thomas, the Expo manager, says she chose Bodine to be their luncheon speaker because "he's so entertaining and he shares strategies that are productive and current."

His academic training, multifaceted background, and years of research have given him an extraordinary knowledge of human behavior and strategies for success. Bodine has achieved national-class success for himself as an athlete, as a magician, as a speaker and a workshop trainer. His client list reads like a page from the Fortune 100 - AT&T, Mitsubishi, 3M, Warner Bros. Television, Verizon, Boeing and FedEx to name a few.

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  • Creating Desired Results: Using the Structure of the Creative Process to Create Business Results - For people, companies, and work teams the issue is always about creating desired results. In today's economy it might be accurate to say the issue is about creating desired results with limited available resources. In other words, where does the leverage come from for creating results we care about, even when we have less resource than ever?! The good news is, in this presentation Bodine shares what might be considered the best method available for generating innovative thinking, strategic action, and sustainable energy for execution and follow-through.

  • Capturing the Heart of Your Customer: Creating Business Growth by Creating Customer Loyalty - To gain a competitive advantage in today's marketplace, we must drive our behavior with a broader definition of service excellence. We must raise our sights and focus on creating customer loyalty. It's about creating customer value and strengthening the customer relationship with each and every customer contact. Bodine will help your team realize this is not inspirational, it's operational. Your business success depends on the two primary benefits obtained from creating loyal customers...customer RETENTION and business REFERRALS.

    Creating authentically loyal customers is not an easy task in a world where the buyer has all the power, but it can be done. And it's the key to business growth in the 21st Century. In this presentation Bodine shares modern service principles, effective communication behavior, and important work-culture values, for creating consistently high levels of customer service. It's this consistent devotion to truly serving the customer, at every point of customer contact, that will allow you to retain the customers you've got and obtain a steady stream of new customer referrals.

  • Meeting the Leadership Challenge: Developing Employee Engagement - Is there anything more important than having truly engaged employees? Examining the most authentic "Top-10 List of What Employees Want from Work," from a study by the Public Agenda Foundation, Bodine" will present strategies and insights that will help you create truly engaged work teams.

    Clearly your employees are your greatest resource, if you can get them to become completely committed to their work, if you can get them focused on and excited about great performance. All leaders face a challenge of leadership. The old models of leadership behavior don't work anymore - and perhaps they never did. To influence others in a positive and productive way, we must continue to develop our people skills and our people wisdom.

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