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Carol Grace Anderson Tennessee

To say Carol has a colorful background is a huge understatement! She lived in a tiny 18-foot trailer as a child...surrounded by circus performers. What colorful neighbors! After flunking out of three colleges, she was determined enough to earn a Master's degree from New York University. She taught Psychology in a New York prison for five years, but then moved to Nashville to pursue her passion for music. When she got to Music City, she quickly started performing with a who's who of entertainers...Willie Nelson, Roy Clark, Jimmy Buffet, Johnny Cash, Mickey Dolenz of the Monkees, and many others. As an award-winning songwriter, Carol has had over 40 of her songs recorded ... and as an actress has had movie roles with Sandra Bullock and Faye Dunaway.

Carol is also a successful businesswoman. She is the CEO of a thriving publishing and marketing company. Twelve years ago, Carol became a sought-after speaker and author of five popular books. She's been published in four languages and also contributed to the mega-bestseller Chicken Soup for the Soul series.

From the 18-foot trailer to the star-studded stage, Carol also knows first-hand how to overcome adversity, and stay fired up through all of life's challenges. After suffering a mini-stroke, she was left permanently blind in her left eye, she survived a level 4 tornado, and lost her younger sister to breast cancer.

Just like you, she learns the most powerful lessons during the toughest storms. Those secrets are what Carol Grace Anderson shares with your audience.

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  • Get Fired Up...Without Burning Out!® : Real-world challenges meet powerhouse motivation. When you have to grab the hearts and minds of your audience with an energizing, uplifting and funny look at life's challenges...Carol's Get Fired Up message is right on target. This keynote gives your audience the motivation to reach beyond their goals, take risks to make it happen, and learn how to refuel when life's challenges get in the way. Carol's keynote will help spark enthusiasm every time. This keynote is perfect for a variety of audiences from front line staff, to sales people, to management. We all need to get fired up without burning out, and Carol wrote the book on it!

    Learn the solutions to...
    • Super-size your attitude
    • Be more productive
    • Raise your fun factor
    • Motivate others
    • Get balanced for real
    • Embrace change
    • Renew your energy
    • Empower your thoughts
    • Tackle challenges
    • Prioritize
    • Minimize stress
    • Take action in a new way!

  • Keep Fired Up Through Change! - Change is the one thing we can be absolutely sure of! In fact, things are changing faster than ever. How do we deal with it? How can we keep charged up through it all? Carol Grace Anderson, national speaker and author, has come up with a powerful yet easy formula that really works. This is a vital program that will give you information that you can put to use immediately. and see powerful results now!

    Your audience will leave with the tools to:
    • Break through the biggest barrier to change
    • View change with a new perspective
    • Keep fired up through the change process
    • Apply Carol's exclusive "3-Step Change Formula"

  • Fired Up Leadership!® : A fired-up leader gets fired-up results! In this rousing program, Carol Grace Anderson, Speaker and Author, will give you powerful, effective leadership insights and action steps. Results? Outstanding leadership on all levels.

    Your audience will get the solutions to:
    • Lead with heart and soul
    • Maintain a fired-up attitude
    • Embrace change
    • Become an effective motivator
    • Learn the top 10 tips for great leaders

  • How to THRIVE in Tough Times! - Tough times do call for tough measures! In this rousing program, Carol Grace Anderson, Speaker and Author will go through the most valuable tips to not only strive but THRIVE! An important program for today's challenges!

    Your audience will get the solutions to:
    • Embrace the new normal
    • Maintain a fired-up attitude
    • Be more productive than ever
    • Get a fresh perspective
    • Start to thrive with 3 simple steps
    • See results now!

  • Fire Up Your Speaking Skills! : Be a more powerful speaker! This workshop is a MUST for every leader in any field. Attendees see immediate results in this practical program with instant feedback. Workbook template provided.

    In this all-in-one workshop you will learn:
    • How to prepare a great presentation
    • What makes a strong opener and closer
    • How to host memorable meetings
    • How and when to use humor
    • How to overcome the jitters
    • How to take immediate command
    • How to get your points across clearly
    • How to have a powerful, long-term impact
Get Fired Up Without Burning Out
Get Fired Up Without Burning Out

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