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Placing Speakers in Correct Slots

  • Each speaker is unique, and he or she brings different qualities to the stage. In order to optimize the performance of all speakers, give considerable thought to their talents, style and content when arranging your meeting agenda.

  • Does your conference start at 8-8:30? Slot your high-energy, make-things-happen speaker here to kick start the day! Another good line-up position for the dynamic speaker is right after lunch. Attendees may be a little sluggish after eating and sitting a few hours -- this will liven up the room!

  • Refrain from placing a high-content speaker, especially one who uses Power Point, as the opener or immediately after lunch or dinner. Especially avoid after dinner if drinks are being served prior to the talk.

  • And, please don't schedule a speaker when food is being served or tables are being cleaned. This is a huge distraction for both the speaker and the attendees.
Stay on Schedule

You've booked a high-quality, dynamic speaker to close your conference. At the last minute, because the schedule has gotten off course, your boss informs you the speaker has only 30 minutes, not 45-50 minutes as scheduled -- oops!!

Speakers prepare and develop a flow from point to point, story to story. When the talk is cut short with a little notice, quality is almost certain to drop. The speaker is thinking, "What stories do I cut, how will that impact my talk?"

In our Speaker Showcases, we are vigilant about each speaker talking 20 minutes, about break time and lunch time. We work very hard to stay on schedule and, from the evaluation forms the attendees complete, they really appreciate the respect given to them and their time.

One tip we can provide is to use timing cards throughout the day. Have a person hold signs indicating "10 Minutes Left," "5 Minutes Remaining" and "Times Up!" Communicate with everyone who will speak during the day and stress the need to stay on schedule. If needed, try to cut a break or lunch a little short to give all speakers appropriate time for their talk.

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