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Audio Visual

Each speaker has specific AV needs, and it is very important to have clear communication among all parties and the AV provider to minimize problems and maximize performance.

  • Some speakers prefer wireless lavaliere microphone and others prefer handheld microphones
    Tip: Install a new battery in the microphone and, if possible, have a back-up microphone close by.

  • If possible, have the AV tech rep in the room before and during the presentation. The rep should test sound and computer connectivity.

  • Often, house ceiling speakers project average sound. To offer a more professional sound, especially for a sizable audience, strongly consider standalone speakers on each side of the stage.

  • And, finally, if the speaker needs a screen for the presentation, make sure it is large enough for everyone to easily read.
You are making the speaker(s) a significant part of your meeting. Be sure the tools are available for an impressive performance.


Many times overlooked, the stage plays an integral part in the speech deliverance. When we sponsor our showcase with 14 speakers on one day, we set the stage 12 feet deep by 32 feet wide for an audience of about 125, with the lectern off to the side.


Most speakers want to "roam," and this allows them the opportunity to connect with the entire audience. We also place steps on both sides and directly in front of the stage and leave an aisle open in the middle. By allowing the speaker the flexibility to step off the stage and be closer to the group, he or she can make a bigger impact.

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