A recent study out of Carroll University in Wisconsin found there are distinct differences between "dog people" and "cat people". Hmm...which category would you be in?

According to the study, "dog people" are generally more energetic and outgoing. They tend to follow the rules and are seeking companionship. That seems logical as dogs are livelier, more sociable and interested in playing outside.

On the other hand, just like their cats who like to stay inside, "cat people" are more likely to be introverts, non-conformists, want affection, and be sensitive home bodies.

Cats and DogsThis illustrates just a small microcosm of the differences in people throughout our world. As a meeting planner, you are called upon to find speakers to meet the needs of many different people, not just "dog people" and "cat people." ☺

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I'm not sure we should even mention this, but the study also suggests cat lovers are more intelligent than dog lovers.