In 2013, our bureau celebrates 20 years in business. We have progressed from booking low fee trainers for local organizations to booking some of the very best business leaders and authors, sports personalities, celebrities and healthcare experts for clients across the country.

We have weathered recessions, deeper recessions and the ups and downs nearly all businesses experience. As a start-up business in 1993, we rolled up our sleeves and "got after it." We made mistakes, we did things right, we learned. We have always tried to exceed the expectations of our clients. The bureau held our first Speakers Showcase in 1994, not really understanding what exactly we were doing-----and it turned out fine. Some 20 Showcases later, we have the process down to a science. When we held our first Showcase, we were younger than most of the speakers. Today, we are older than most of them!

A few years after our inception, specifically 1997, we had a website built at a time when many businesses did not have one. Today, 10 year old kids have their own website. We worked hard to have our site rank high on search engines such as Lycos, Altavista and Dogpile. I know, you are scratching your head, asking what search engines???? In 1997, two guys in a college dorm room registered and started work on a better search engine. Google has now captured 2/3's of worldwide Internet searches.

Printed items like catalogs, postcards, newsletters, invoices and letters have given way to marketing via Constant Contact, twitter, Facebook and Yelp and Google Adwords and communication via text messages, emails with downloads and smart phones.

Through it all, we have had the opportunity to work with many wonderful meeting planners and business executives and great speakers and entertainers. Many organizations in our Central Illinois home area have been incredibly loyal to us as have meeting planners across the continent. We consider ourselves very fortunate to be your meeting partner and provide fresh, innovative ideas. As our tagline says, "We Help You Thrill Your Audience!"

THANK YOU for your support---It is deeply appreciated.