I have noticed some speakers are shown as "Exclusive" on agency websites. I assume I must book an "exclusive" speaker with that bureau, correct?

Not usually. We work with many agencies in a "co-broker" situation. There are only a handful of speakers who we cannot book. Most of the time, "exclusive" means an agency manages a speaker's calendar. In our almost 20 years in business, we have booked many "exclusive" speakers for our clients.

Couldn't I work directly with a speaker?

You could, but let us give you a few items to think about. We work with hundreds and hundreds of speakers and know them and their office staff, which means improved communications. We know the "hot" speakers, the speakers who will deliver each time, the speakers who are easy to work with. We also provide back-up in case of a problem.

Back-up? Can you provide an example?

Sure! Recently we had a client who was having a very important meeting for the company sales force revolving around a football theme. Two days before the event, the speaker called and informed us he was very ill and would not be able to fly. We sprang into action, identifying three high-quality, football-related speakers we know well. With the guidance of the meeting planner, we booked one, took care of the details and the client was thrilled.

What speaker expenses should we expect when determining a budget?

You should include round-trip airfare (or mileage, if the speaker lives relatively close to the event city), ground transportation, meals, hotel and AV. Some speakers require 1st class airfare, others will fly coach and some will offer a flat travel fee plus hotel. These items will be discussed with you beforehand.

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