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Posted on August 13, 2015 | CapCitySpeakers | Planning a Meeting

"It's not the plan that's important, it's the planning." ~~Dr. Gramme Edwards~~

In Springfield, as the State Capitol, we are anticipating the beginning of the Illinois State Fair this week. We know friends and neighbors who have been attending the Fair every year since they were young children. Planning for the State Fair begins almost immediately after the finish of the Fair in August for the next year. And why is that?

Main entrance to the Illinois State Fair Grounds
Illinois State Fair

Successful events are the product of weeks and months of planning and organization. Planning ahead allows for careful thoughtful preparation to achieve and perhaps exceed your vision and goals. You are able to strategically evaluate what worked and what didn't work from previous events. Planning ahead also allows for better preparation in the face of unexpected occurrences.

Do you plan conferences, seminars or events for your company or business? Even if you are planning your first event or you are an "ole" pro at event planning, Capitol City Speakers Bureau is able to help you in selecting the most appropriate speakers to meet the goals of your event. We work with some of the best speakers in the business: motivational speakers, healthcare speakers, business leaders, sports personalities, and more. An inspiring keynote speaker will provide far reaching benefits. We have been partnering with meeting planners for more than 22 years and our motto is: WE HELP YOU THRILL YOUR AUDIENCE! And yes, proactive planning leads to incredible performances!

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Planning a Meeting
Business Tips

Posted on September 19, 2012 | CapCitySpeakers | Planning a Meeting

Part 2 in a Series....

Placing Speakers in Correct Slots

  • Each speaker is unique, and he or she brings different qualities to the stage. In order to optimize the performance of all speakers, give considerable thought to their talents, style and content when arranging your meeting agenda.

  • Does your conference start at 8-8:30? Slot your high-energy, make-things-happen speaker here to kick start the day! Another good line-up position for the dynamic speaker is right after lunch. Attendees may be a little sluggish after eating and sitting a few hours -- this will liven up the room!

  • Refrain from placing a high-content speaker, especially one who uses Power Point, as the opener or immediately after lunch or dinner. Especially avoid after dinner if drinks are being served prior to the talk.

  • And, please don't schedule a speaker when food is being served or tables are being cleaned. This is a huge distraction for both the speaker and the attendees. ...
Posted on September 11, 2012 | CapCitySpeakers | Planning a Meeting

First in a Series....

Audio Visual

Each speaker has specific AV needs, and it is very important to have clear communication among all parties and the AV provider to minimize problems and maximize performance.

  • Some speakers prefer wireless lavaliere microphone and others prefer handheld microphones
    Tip: Install a new battery in the microphone and, if possible, have a back-up microphone close by.

  • If possible, have the AV tech rep in the room before and during the presentation. The rep should test sound and computer connectivity.

  • Often, house ceiling speakers project average sound. To offer a more professional sound, especially for a sizable audience, strongly consider standalone speakers on each side of the stage.

  • And, finally, if the speaker needs a screen for the presentation, make sure it is large enough for everyone to easily read. ...

Posted on August 28, 2012 | CapCitySpeakers | Planning a Meeting

In today's economy, we receive more and more inquiries about speakers who can discuss business growth. More importantly, speakers who have owned businesses or held very prominent roles in large companies and have been instrumental in building and growing their organizations. Here are a few of the best:

Howard Behar ---- Howard is the former president of Starbucks where he grew the retail business from 28 stores to more than 400 by the time he was named president. In his book, It's Not About the Coffee: Leadership Principles from a Life at Starbucks, Howard outlines and presents examples of exactly what to do on a daily basis. ...

Posted on August 13, 2012 | CapCitySpeakers | Planning a Meeting | Frequently Asked Questions

I have noticed some speakers are shown as "Exclusive" on agency websites. I assume I must book an "exclusive" speaker with that bureau, correct?

Not usually. We work with many agencies in a "co-broker" situation. There are only a handful of speakers who we cannot book. Most of the time, "exclusive" means an agency manages a speaker's calendar. In our almost 20 years in business, we have booked many "exclusive" speakers for our clients.

Couldn't I work directly with a speaker?

You could, but let us give you a few items to think about. We work with hundreds and hundreds of speakers and know them and their office staff, which means improved communications. We know the "hot" speakers, the speakers who will deliver each time, the speakers who are easy to work with. We also provide back-up in case of a problem. ...

Posted on July 24, 2012 | CapCitySpeakers | Planning a Meeting

Know Your Audience, the Goals and Objectives of the Meeting, and a Budget Range when Choosing a Speaker

We book hundreds of talks each year for a wide variety of groups-Fortune 500 companies, national and state associations, healthcare groups and not-for-profits. We have found, in our 19+ years in business, one crucial aspect required to deliver the ideal speaker-invest 30 minutes up front to gather important information.

Many times clients and prospects will tell us a colleague or friend heard a speaker and the meeting planner wants to book him or her based on the recommendation. Although the speaker may be outstanding, after a series of questions, the planner may realize other speakers could be a better fit. ...

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