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25th AnniversaryAt Capitol City Speakers Bureau, we've experienced some major changes over the last 25 years. In 1993, email wasn't yet used by the masses. Google hadn't been founded. The Dow teetered around 3,300. In January of 1993, a start-up company named the Capitol City Speakers Bureau began operations. Client contacts were stored in the Rolodex pictured above. Our first website didn't even launch until four years later!

But change hasn't been the only constant for us throughout our 25 years in business. Our superior customer service and our respected relationships with speakers and event planners remain steadfast even as we adjust and grow. Twenty-five years later, we are grateful for both the changes and the constants.

We no longer use that Rolodex, but today we book the most prominent business leaders, sports personalities, motivational speakers and healthcare experts across the industry! As we commemorate 25 years in January 2018, we are celebrating each and every opportunity to help thrill your audience and make your event a tremendous success. We extend our deepest gratitude for your trust and support!




Mark Zinder has a unique gift for simplifying complicated concepts and shares many insights that are key to being successful in today's constantly changing word. He has engaged audiences both small and large, including financial institutions, universities, insurance agencies, and NASA, with his breadth of content and motivational style.



Finish First

Most of us feel we were made for something more, but we're often afraid to allow ourselves to be competitive because we think our finishing first might somehow rob others of their chance to shine. In his newest book, Finish First: Winning Changes Everything, Scott Hamilton encourages the hidden potential, the champion within all of us, to come out.




Author, former diplomat and advisor on emerging markets, Anja Manuel is Co-Founder and Principal along with former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, former National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley and former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, in RiceHadleyGates LLC, a strategic consulting firm that helps US companies navigate international markets.




Looking for a "name" to create excitement and pull in attendees at your next conference? We have booked Robin Roberts, Peyton Manning, Jay Leno, Emmitt Smith, Cal Ripken Jr., Steve Martin, Bo Jackson and others.




As a peak performance coach, Bronkar Lee has helped clients to achieve personal breakthroughs and accomplish goals for health, success, and well-being. As a keynote artist and speaker, he delivers an innovative experience using original art forms, personal connection, and applied technology in order to help others find greatness within themselves.



Looking for some inspirational reading? Visit our Healthcare Blog and catch up on posts from popular keynote speakers across the healthcare industry such as John O'Leary, Bobbe White, Tim Hague, Kathleen Passanisi, Ron Culberson and many more!




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As a tennis player, Roger Crawford learned that to be successful on the court, you had to have a consistent follow-through. This is true in business as well. Leaders who win realize their team's most important capability is the ability to execute. In his new program, Leading To Win! Inspiring Others to Move Beyond Acceptable to Achieve the Exceptional, Roger helps inspire your team to break through self-imposed obstacles and dreate a winning vision for the future.






2017 Class of Certified Speaking Professionals!

Christopher Bianez, CSP
Aram Boyd, CSP
Guy Burns, CSP
Mary Byers, CSP
Max Stanley Chartrand, PhD, CSP
David Chinsky, CSP
Heather Christie, CSP
Dennis Cummins, CSP
Sima Dahl, CSP
Dirk Eilert, CSP
Lee Ellis, CSP
Celynn Morin Erasmus, CSP
Steve Foran, CSP
Sandro Forte, CSP
Chris Fuller, CSP
Chuck Gallagher, CSP
Merit Gest, CSP
Charmaine Hammond, CSP
Stacey Hanke, CSP
John Hannon, CSP
Joel Hilchey, CSP
Michelle Howison, CSP
Sydne Jacques, CSP
Bethanne Kronick, CSP
Alesia Latson, CSP
Rob Lilwall, CSP
Gary Lynn, PhD, CSP
Tim Marvel, CSP
Marty Mercer, CSP
Tod Novak, CSP
Gerry O'Brion, CSP
Kathleen Pagana, CSP
Matthew Pollard, CSP
Thomas Ray, CSP
Philipp Riederle, CSP
Dean Savoca, CSP
Jeff Shore, CSP
Bill Stainton, CSP
Carolyn Strauss, CSP
William "T" Thompson, CSP
Jerome Wade, CSP
Crystal Washington, CSP
Ken Weichert, CSP



2017 CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame Inductees!

Jolene Brown, CSP, CPAE
Colette Carlson, CSP, CPAE
Connie Dieken, CSP, CPAE
Dave Horsager, CSP, CPAE
Bruce Turkel, CSP, CPAE



Video LibraryMany of the speaker's bio pages on our website include video clips of speeches, interviews and performances. We are constantly updating and adding to our Video Library. Watch speakers in action right from your computer!



Capitol City Speakers Bureau is a proud member of:

  • Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce
  • Meeting Professionals International (MPI)
  • MPI - Chicago Chapter
  • International Association of Speakers Bureaus (IASB)
  • Illinois Society of Association Executives (ISAE)


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