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Speaker Showcase

2015 Showcase of Speakers & Trainers

Thursday, October 22, 2015
Crowne Plaza Hotel
Springfield, Illinois

Sign In: 8:00 - 8:30 am ~ Showcase: 8:30 am - 3:30 pm

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Giveaways Prizes and Giveaways....

Tablet PC Kindle Fire HD Best Buy Best Buy
$200 Gift Certificate

Fitbit Fitbit Activity Tracker Netflix Netflix
$50 Gift Certificate

Buffalo Wild Wings Buffalo Wild Wings
$50 Gift Certificate
$100 Cash (3 winners)
$50 Cash (3 winners)

Crowne Plaza Crowne Plaza Overnight Package
(Valued in excess of $150)
Chico's Chico's
$100 Gift Certificate

Olive Garden Olive Garden
$50 Gift Certificate
Gas Card Free Gas
$100 Gift Card

Macy's Macy's
$100 Gift Certificate
TGI Friday's TGI Friday's
$50 Gift Certificate

Panera Panera
$50 Gift Certificate
Starbucks Starbucks
$50 Gift Certificate

Great Reviews Feedback from the 2014 Showcase....

"Once again fabulous job! The caliber of speakers gets better and better every year! Capitol City does a wonderful job putting on the showcase and treats every attendee like they were the only one. Thanks!!"

"I always leave this event inspired, empowered, motivated and encouraged. Thank you to all the speakers!"

"This was a fantastic event! I'm so glad that I could attend and be exposed to such great speakers."

"As always, you and your staff did a great job. I love the quality of speakers you bring in. I find myself trying to build an audience to fit them, rather than fitting into our programs. That's how much I love them."

"I loved the way the event was formatted. Timing was awesome and kept you engaged throughout the whole show."

"Excellent job as usual. So many choices for our next event!"

"Another great event. Fun! Exceptionally run and an amazing value!"

"All qualities of speakers were so different, it made the focus easy. Great job!

"I love the variety and quality of the speakers. You all do an amazing job. Thank you!!"

"So great to see and experience different speakers and their techniques in front of a live audience."

Featured Showcase Speakers
20th Annual Showcase Speakers

Jeff Allen
Jeff Allen
Happy Wife, Happy Life
Veteran comedian, Jeff Allen, has been honing his standup comedy for four decades, and it's as fresh today as ever. In 1998 Jeff coined the phrase "Happy Wife, Happy Life" which has become a household mantra. Jeff's hilarious comedy has inspired millions of couples. His hilarious self-effacing observations on family life strike a familiar note: he knows where you live!

Scott Burrows Scott Burrows
Vision Mindset Grit: How to Stand Up When Life Paralyzes You
The true measure of success is how well you adapt to change, doubt, uncertainty and fear-and the belief system you employ must be powerful enough to conquer those obstacles. As audiences worldwide have discovered in this life-changing keynote, renowned speaker and author Scott Burrows' own riveting story of overcoming incredible physical, personal and professional challenges through sheer determination, will power and goal setting is uplifting and infectious. The dynamic principles of Vision Mindset Grit inspire people to unprecedented levels of empowerment and self-confidence, setting the stage for developing cutting-edge ideas and leadership strategies that will benefit your entire company.

Dave Davlin Dave Davlin
The Game-Winning 3™: A Roadmap for Professional and Personal Development
At the conclusion of your life's journey, you will be judged on three things: the person you have become, the memories you created and the difference you have made. In this insightful presentation, Dave Davlin shares three essential ingredients for developing a purpose-driven mentality to achieve a fulfilling career and balanced life. The Game-Winning 3™ reveals how to succeed in a pressure-packed world wholly consumed with ever-changing technology-and provides an outline for us to stay true to ourselves even as we strive to surpass expectations. This keynote delivers the blueprint for organizations and employees to stay focused on what's important amid today's unique brand of stress and chaos.

Kay Frances Kay Frances
The Funny Thing about Stress
Feeling stressed? Worried about change? It's "America's Funniest Stressbuster" to the STRESS-cue! In our frenzied world we need to be reminded of the importance of managing our stress, keeping our sense of humor and taking care of our health. Kay's background as a professional standup comedian combined with her expertise in stress management will not only offer useful information, but will show you a rollicking good time in the process. By understanding that while we may not have much control over outside circumstances, we CAN control our reactions to them, we can welcome change as an inevitable part of life. If our choice is to laugh or cry, why not laugh? It's humor-with-a-message at its funniest!

Chuck Gallagher Chuck Gallagher
The Human Side of Ethics : The Truth About Emotions and Ethical Behavior
What causes an otherwise intelligent person-a person who knows the difference between right and wrong-to make a choice that will negatively impact themselves and their organization? This fascinating presentation on human values and ethics illuminates the reasons why. While other presentations tend to focus on legal and compliance issues, the reality is that ethical choices have far more impact on a company long before the issue of "legal or illegal" comes into play. Chuck Gallagher uses his unique personal experience to expose the truth about emotions and ethical behavior. With pinpoint accuracy, he brings to light why we do what we do and how to change. When companies help their management and employees understand The Human Side of Ethics, the roadmap to success becomes that much easier to follow.

Jay Hewitt Jay Hewitt
Finish Line Vision®: Setting Goals Just Out of Reach, But Not Out of Sight
How do you convert obstacles and disappointment into better performance and an improved bottom line? In Finish Line Vision®, speaker Jay Hewitt reveals how, despite being a Type 1 diabetic, he has pushed himself to incredible personal and professional triumphs. His compelling, energetic keynote-delivered with humor, honesty and relatable specifics-shows audiences how they, too, can overcome whatever life throws at them and reach unimaginable levels of success and teamwork. To accomplish such feats, Jay's presentation focuses on three guiding principles: making the bad thing the best thing, setting goals with failure potential and earning your Finish Line.

Richard Hight Richard Hight, CSP
The Masterpiece in You: Discovering, Developing and Delivering Your Talents
The Masterpiece In You is a journey in personal growth in finding fulfillment with one's gifts and talents by combining visual arts and the spoken word to create a potentially life-changing experience. Richard Hight is a masterful artist and an internationally sought-after inspirational speaker. Using warmth, humor and a captivating stage presence, Richard is renowned for artfully drawing from his own canvas to deliver the ideas and attitudes audiences need to create their own masterpiece in life. While circumstances may determine the colors people have to work with, the day-to-day choices they make are, in fact, the brushstrokes that will define their masterpiece.

Will Knecht Will Knecht
Beyond Circumstances: How to Keep Positive, Determined and Together
If you've ever experienced setbacks with your business-in or out of your control-Beyond Circumstances reveals how such challenges can become the foundation for future success and greatness. This presentation is rich with concepts, ideas and frameworks to help you on your journey. Featuring Will Knecht's brevity and heart, it reveals how his ideas influenced the day-to-day management of his own company and other organizations in a way few others can match. Surprisingly gentle, yet amazingly powerful, Beyond Circumstances offers bold and transformative ideas for every person, every organization. Constant change is a way of life in the world today; being successful means simultaneously managing the present while planning for the future. This insightful presentation chronicles an inspiring story of history and tradition-and the fire that could have destroyed a business and its people, but instead became a catalyst for new thinking and new opportunities.

Judson Laipply Judson Laipply
Life is Change
Socrates once said, "Perfection is constant change." Life is change. Day in and day out the thing that remains constant is change. Judson combines laughter inducing stories with thought-provoking ideas to drive home the point that we are in the constant presence of change. His stories, personal experiences, crowd participation, high energy, and laughter help people recognize how to let go of the things out of their control, and focus their energies on things they can change. Judson's finale, The Evolution Of Dance will leave your audience with an unforgettable message, one which will remind each participant that "Life is Change," and that they have the ultimate control over the outcome.

Ray McElroy Ray McElroy
To Boldly Go: Stepping out from Ordinary to Extraordinary
Average, ordinary people accomplish extraordinary things all the time. Have you ever wondered what separates those who experience success versus those who constantly find themselves falling short? What a person sees, what they say, and what they show in their actions are all telling factors in their ability to take their professional and personal lives to the next level. To Boldly Go is a program that dives right into the heart of a person's perceived reality, exposes the effects of negative self talk, and inspires both organizations and individuals to create momentum towards greatness; daring to achieve, accomplish, and boldly go where others around them have never gone before!.

DeDe Murcer Moffett DeDe Murcer Moffett
S.N.A.P. Out of It! See New Achievable Possibilities In Business and Life
DeDe Murcer Moffett aka "The Snap Out of It! Woman" understands the seduction of checking out, tuning out and numbing out even for highly educated and successful people. DeDe was a highly successful corporate sales executive for 25 years, all while battling a 24-year addiction to alcohol. Today DeDe is on a mission to help leaders and emerging leaders live and lead fully alive by consciously applying their strengths and talents and removing the internal obstacles to success. As an entertaining leadership speaker DeDe combines her musical theatre expertise along with her corporate sales experience to deliver a one of a kind message. So get ready to S.N.A.P. See New Achievable Possibilities in Your Business and Life!

Corey Perlman Corey Perlman
Social Media Overload! Critical Mistakes that are Sabotaging Your Digital Marketing Efforts
You DON'T have to be on Twitter. Or any other site not generating results for your business. During this program, Corey helps you define the results your business can expect from social media and which sites can help you get there. He'll help you avoid being a Jack of All Social Media sites, master of none. Instead, you'll focus only on the sites that can generate exposure, build credibility, and keep you Top of Mind with clients and prospects.

Sarah Petty Sarah Petty
Worth Every Penny: How to Attract the Right Customers and Still Charge What You're Worth
Sarah built a successful photography business only to be faced with a major technology disruption with the invention of digital photography. Overnight, she was competing with free because digital cameras made the art of photography accessible to everyone. After opening her first studio in 2001 (two weeks before 9-11), she has seen record growth and her studio was named one of the most profitable in the United States by the Professional Photographers of America. Learn the lessons Sarah teaches in her New York Times Best Selling book, Worth Every Penny, and you’ll see that you don't have to be the cheapest to build a different kind of business and a different kind of life but you do have to look at your marketing differently. Learn three powerful marketing strategies from Sarah Petty that will help you see your company and your life through a new lens.

Calvin Stovall Calvin Stovall
Fanatically Relentless Customer Service
One of Calvin's most popular, content-rich and entertaining presentations your attendees will ever experience. Take your company's customer service delivery to the next level with this high-energy program. Attendees will get real-life, practical lessons on how to deliver fanatically relentless customer service and how embracing a customer-centric philosophy can set your company apart from the competition.

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